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Hazardous Mineral Oil Spill – again!

“Mineral oil dielectric coolant that could be hazardous if released to the environment” was, in fact, released to the environment this week near Mackinac Island, MI. About 5000 gallons will eventually drain from underwater power cables. This is one of the operational problems of using mineral oil – if it’s spilled, it’s listed as a hazardous material by environmental authorities.



I’ve developed and manufactured mineral-oil dielectric fluids for my entire career, and I’m very familiar with spill control and cleanup requirements for mineral oils (that’s why I developed the first vegetable-based transformer oil in the 1990s). Mineral oil requires fluid containment, an approved Spill Prevention and Control Plan and extensive cleanup procedures.


ElectroCool doesn’t require the same measures. ElectroCool is nearly 100% biodegradable. It’s not toxic and OSHA defines it as “not flammable”. We’ve helped many customers avoid complicated pollution control requirements that would have been necessary with mineral oil.


Beyond the operational advantages of ElectroCool – better heat transfer efficiency, lower pumping costs, the cleanliness and purity – are advantages in environmental and worker protection. Contact Engineered Fluids today to discuss how we can help you minimize risks to the environment and to your bottom line.


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