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VA-900 Liquid Antioxidant Saves Time and $$$

oil sample 3Imagine if transformer service outages lasted hours, not days.  And everything could be done by one or two workers, instead of a team.  With no service trailers to rent, hook up and operate.  That day is now, with VoltCool VC-900 Concentrated Antioxidant Additive.  With VC-900, Engineered Fluids has done the work for you - we've mixed two advanced antioxidants into a concentrated liquid blend that you add directly to a transformer in the field.

Gone are the days of long service outages and the need for a team to handle the task. Now, a single worker can easily add the VC-900 blend directly to the transformer, eliminating the need for a service trailer and the workers to run it.

By adding just a 1% concentration of Engineered Fluids' VoltCool
VC-900, you can immediately boost the antioxidant level to 0.30%. This means no more premixing and heating of the oil, and no more dealing with sacks of  powdered chemicals. VC-900 easily blends with any type of transformer oil, making the addition process quick and efficient.

Transform the way you approach transformer maintenance with VoltCool VC-900. Say goodbye to lengthy outages and hello to a streamlined, effective solution that gets the job done in a fraction of the time and cost.

Click here to download Technical Data Sheets for VoltCool VC-900 Concentrated Antioxidant Solution