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End Sulfur Problems In Transformers!


Sulfur in dielectric fluids poses a significant threat to the integrity of electrical equipment, silently corroding insulation and copper components over time. This insidious element, originating from crude oil, remains present in refined products such as transformer oil, where it gradually forms electrically-conductive copper-sulfur salts.

These corrosive salts leads to transformer insulation failures and the corrosion of circuit boards within electrical equipment. Despite the widespread consequences of sulfur contamination, there hasn't been a real solution to the problem until the introduction of VoltCool VC-950 Sulfur Treatment.

VA-950 has revolutionized the treatment of sulfur-containing dielectric fluids, effectively converting aggressive sulfur compounds into benign forms. Through the application of VoltCool VC-950, hundreds transformers worldwide have undergone a remarkable transformation, with gallons of once-corrosive oil now returned to original condition.

VoltCool VA-950 is simply added to deenergized equipment and mixed with the existing, contaminated dielectric fluid for an hour.  As it mixes, the active ingredients in VA-950 combine with corrosive and aggressive sulfur species in the oil, rendering them inert and harmless.  VA-950 can be applied by one worker in a matter of hours - not days of equipment outages that are needed by other treatment methods

Engineered Fluids' VA-950 Sulfur Treatment is available in various packaging sizes, including 1-gallon, 5-gallon, and 200-liter drums.  

Click here to download Technical Data Sheets for VoltCool VA-950 Sulfur Treatment.