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Disposal Options for Coolants…

How do you dispose of used immersion coolant when you’re done with it? That depends on what type of coolant you have. Used Mineral Oils and White Oils require testing to determine if they’re classified as hazardous waste under Federal or local jurisdiction. This classification will determine the oil must be expensively landfilled or can be sent to a recycling center or blended into fuel oil. If you have Fluorinated products (Poly-Fluoro Alkyl Substances, or PFAS), they must be recycled with specialty equipment as these fluids are toxic and far more volatile.
Engineered Fluids is pleased to announce an Agreement and Partnership with Safety-Kleen, the largest fluid collection and recycling company in the US, for the collection and recycling or disposal of used dielectric coolant products.
Our BitCool, ElectroCool and AmpCool products have been evaluated by Safety-Kleen and found to be safe and easily recyclable. Safety-Kleen has Collection Centers located throughout North America.
If you prefer to use another collection and recycling company, we’ll be glad to work with you and the recycler of your choice to make the entire process as easy and inexpensive as possible. We demonstrate how Engineered Fluids’ products are non-toxic, biodegradable and even “Food Grade”. They’ve been thoroughly tested by Independent Laboratories and shown to be safe for use and for reuse.
Engineered Fluids is the world’s largest manufacturer of Dielectric Coolants for use in Data Centers, Electric Vehicles, and Thermal Management of Battery and Charger Systems. We can help you extend the life of your equipment and increase its efficiency. Contact Engineered Fluids today for more information.