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Engineered Fluids Leads Data Centers To Immersion Cooling

Engineered Fluids is leading the way in cooling data centers with SLIC Technology!
Data centers require highly efficient and reliable cooling systems to keep them running. With today's high powered servers, traditional air cooling methods are not very effective, and they can be noisy, unreliable and expensive to maintain. This is where ElectroCool(R) Dielectric Coolant comes in.
ElectroCool Coolants, by Engineered Fluids, Inc. have the ability to absorb and dissipate large amounts of heat quickly and efficiently, making them ideal for cooling data centers. There are a host of other advantages to using Immersion Cooling with ElectroCool Coolants.
In this article, we will explore the advantages of engineered fluids over traditional air-cooling systems. We’ll show how they can reduce energy costs and create an efficient environment for your data center operations. We’ll also discuss how immersion cooling could revolutionize data center operations in the future.
Data Centers Turning to Immersion Cooling
Data centers have finally realized that immersion cooling is the most efficient and safest means of thermal management. The Open Compute Project (OCP) and other industry efforts have brought immersion cooling to the forefront, allowing data centers to benefit from its many advantages. Years of application of Immersion Cooling in Cryptomining activities has proven the safety and efficiency of the technology.
Immersion cooling provides many benefits, including:
  • Extended Service Life
    Air cooling methods can cause dust to build up on the components, leading them to overheat and fail more quickly. Immersion cooling keeps the machines free of dust and other contaminants, resulting in extended service life, improved reliability and increased MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure).
  • Cost Savings
    Immersion Cooling can save 70% of cooling costs compared with air cooling methods. Overall energy savings with this method are significantly higher than traditional air cooled systems since heat is not being dissipated into the surrounding environment.
SLIC immersion Cooling Technology is leading data centers into a new era of efficient and reliable cooling solutions that will bring long-term results.
Engineered Fluids: A Pioneer of SLIC Technology
Engineered Fluids pioneered the use of Single-phase Liquid Dielectric Cooling (SLIC) Technology and has been at the forefront of the industry since its inception. Our team is continuously exploring new ways to improve our products and bring cost-effective solutions to our customers.  Since introducing ElectroCool Dielectric Coolant 2017, Engineered Fluids has helped the Data Center industry realize benefits such as:
· Eliminating electronics overheating issues while reducing energy consumption
· Streamlining maintenance operations with leak detection technologies
· Enhancing heat transfer with improved fluid thermodynamic characteristics
· Increasing data center performance with higher component density
· Lowering total cost of ownership by greatly reducing cooling costs
· Increasing flexibility for scaling operations quickly
Material Compatibility
Engineered Fluids is the only Dielectric Coolant manufacturer that has a Material Compatibility Guide that contains more than 10,000 individual materials. EF does more compatibility testing than anyone else in the industry to ensure that its products are up to standards. You can rest assured knowing that your data center is running safely and efficiently with Engineered Fluids immersion cooling technology.
Benefits of Using Immersion Cooling for Data Centers
Engineered Fluids provides customers a unique solution for cooling their data centers, SLIC immersion cooling technology. This method of cooling has proven to be far more efficient than traditional air cooled systems by completely submerging electronic components and hardware in dielectric liquids.
It's clear that the data center cooling industry is shifting towards engineered fluids for cooling technology. Immersion cooling with these fluids is the most efficient and reliable way to maintain optimal temperature and performance in data centers. With Proven Safety, material compatibility and reliability, engineered fluids are the future of data center cooling.
When it comes to trusting your data center cooling, trust Engineered Fluids.  We have more data center cooling experience than other coolant manufacturers.  Our safety record is proven and flawless. Our products undergo thorough material compatibility tests to make sure they are safe and effective. In fact,
The expert team at Engineered Fluids have years of experience in helping data center owners maximize asset value, while minimizing cooling costs. As the leader in data center cooling technology, Engineered Fluids' products are designed to meet your needs and be cost-effective. With Engineered Fluids' Dielectric Coolants, you can rest assured that your data center is reliably and safely cooled, so that you can focus on what matters—keeping your business running efficiently.