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Radome Technology: Military Applications for EF Fluids

Have you ever wondered what military applications exist for the unique properties of Engineered Fluids products? If so, radome technology is an important concept to understand.
Radomes are structures that physically protect and shield radio antennas and other electrical components from the elements. Radomes are employed in aircraft, ships, ground-based radar installations, and even subsea applications where they must be built very strong to withstand the tremendous high-pressure environment. Radomes must be built to withstand rough environmental conditions and are constructed from materials that are transparent to radar, microwave and radio signals.
The military uses radomes for protecting sensitive communication equipment and other assets. The radome helps minimize interference from wind, rain or excessive temperature changes that can disrupt the performance of sensitive filters, antennas or other components inside the radome. The unit also shields communication towers from lightning strikes as well as increases their wind resistance capacity.
Undersea Radomes
One of the most challenging places to install a radome is underwater. Here, pressure compensation becomes essential in order to assure that the radome maintains its form and function. This is where SubmergeDeep Coolants can play a key role.
Radome structures located under water must be built to withstand tremendous hydrostatic water pressures. Traditionally their design has relied on the use of heavy, strong construction materials and an interior filled with pressurized air. These structures are expensive, difficult to construct and difficult to maintain.
Recent research has discovered that SubmergeDeep® Coolants from Engineered Fluids hold a unique advantage over other materials when it comes to radome technology because they are transparent to RF/EM signals, have excellent electrical characteristics, but are practically non-compressible. This means that EF fluids will provide several important benefits for radome technology, such as:
  • Pressure compensation: SubmergeDeep Coolants can equalize the pressure inside the radome to match the tremendous hydrostatic pressures seen on the ocean floor, making radome structures much lighter and easier to construct..
  • Electronics protection: Protection of electronic components within the radome is crucial. SubmergeDeep Coolants coat, insulate and protect these components from changes in temperature or pressure.
  • Non-toxic and Biodegradable: SubmergeDeep Coolant products are nontoxic to marine organisms and have been proven to be more than 90% biodegradable.
Using SubmergeDeep Coolants to fill Radomes provides low cost protection against seawater ingress, against high pressures and ensures propagation of microwave, radio and radar signals while also providing necessary cooling and insulation for delicate components.
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