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Prevent Battery Fires With AmpCool

Immersion Cooling with AmpCool Dielectric Coolant is proven to maintain Lithium-Ion battery cells at their optimum temperature range, even during fast charge and discharge cycles (1). Now, two different studies have shown that in nail-penetration tests, AmpCool prevents fire propagation to neighboring cells.



The study notes that “AmpCool™, was successful in preventing fire propagation to neighboring cells. By carrying heat away from target cells, a clear increase in failure
thresholds, localization and mitigation of fire propagation is demonstrated with the immersed module in comparison to the baseline test”
AmpCool Dielectric Coolants are proven safe and effective at thermal management (both warming and cooling!) of battery assemblies. AmpCool Coolants are non-toxic and biodegradable. They’re safe for workers, for customers and for the environment.
Contact Engineered Fluids for more information on thermal management with AmpCool Dielectric Coolants!
(1) Contact Engineered Fluids for a copy of “ Thermal Management of Lithium-Ion Batteries with AmpCool Fluid“, published in “IEEE Open Journal of Vehicle Technology”, April, 2020