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Mobile World Congress 2018!

Engineered Fluids demonstrated immersion cooling at MWC 2018 in Barcelona! Thanks to our partner, Coriant, we showed how #immersioncooling can dramatically reduce the size of "mobile edge compute" platforms. Mobile Edge Compute (or MWC) is the term referring to the computing functions that support 5G mobile services. 5G will require significant computing resources, connectivity and storage capacity to be installed in small-footprint facilities that are very close to the user. Putting these data centers near the user is important in order to reduce the amount of time needed for a signal to go from the user to the data center and back again. We showed how immersion cooling allows cell phone operators to install micro- and pico-datacenters on cell towers, or even at every street intersection. How much closer to the edge can you get? It was exciting to have executives from every major telephone network stop at our booth and see how we can shrink an entire data center into a package that can be picked up and carried around! Air-cooled MEC solutions take up small buildings, and require huge heat exchangers - ours are tiny by comparison!