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Who you gonna call?

Our support line is BUSY! Busy with customers looking for assistance – assistance with cooling questions, assistance with problems of coolant quality, assistance with material compatibility. We help them all.

I often get calls from customers who have inadvertently contaminated their dielectric coolant with one thing or another. Last week, a customer drove eight hours to deliver a sample to our lab in Texas, where our technicians worked late into Friday night to identify the contaminant and write a report with recommendations on how to fix the problem. This customer had a million dollars’ worth of miners that were sitting idle, waiting for our advice.




Engineered Fluids is the world’s largest supplier of dielectric fluids for thermal management of electronics. We’re not plumbers – we’re experts in chemistry, immersion cooling and materials science. When you work with Engineered Fluids, you get purpose-made products that are tested and guaranteed. When you call our Tech Support line, someone answers the phone who will help you.

The next time you have a question about too many bubbles in your system, or how to test your coolant, or how to reprocess the fluid, or the compatibility of a particular pump, who you gonna call? Try calling the supplier where you bought that white oil or the guy from the internet who told you that his coolant is the same as ours, and see what they recommend. Or you can call Engineered Fluids and work with the professionals in the industry. We’ll be glad to help you.