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Let’s Dive Into the Benefits of SubmergeDeep™ for ROVs


Today’s Marine Remote Operating Vehicles (ROVs) operate at tremendous ocean depths and their components must be built to withstand the associated pressures. An ROV diving to a depth of 2,000m experiences over 1,270kg (2,800lbs) of force exerted on each square inch of its surface! One way to resist this pressure is to build heavy, thick air-filled bodies for ROVs. Another way, though, is to build a lighter body and flood it with a Pressure Compensation Fluid. Engineered Fluids has introduced a unique cooling fluid that can take this type of pressure and solves several problems confronting ROV design engineers.
SubmergeDeep® is a single-phase liquid immersion cooling fluid that features ultra-low compressibility to help today’s ROVs operate at ocean depths. The innovative pressure compensation technology allows manufacturers to build ROVs with lighter, more maneuverable bodies. SubmergeDeep Coolants also have enhanced lubricity to protect hydraulic cylinders and pumps, eliminating the need for a dedicated hydraulic fluid.
In the linked article, we will explore the benefits of SubmergeDeep for ROVs and discuss how it can help engineers design the next generation of marine vehicles with more robust cooling systems and lighter bodies. If you're looking for a reliable, cost-effective way to reduce your ROV's thermal load, read on to learn more about SubmergeDeep.
ROV Design Challenges
Designing ROVs capable of operating at greater depths presents a unique set of challenges. As we’ve seen, hydraulic pressure at the ocean floor reaches thousands of pounds per square inch. The housing for the ROV must be built to withstand the pressure.
At these depths, it is increasingly difficult to manage the heat from electronic assemblies inside the ROV. Air cooling simply isn't efficient enough and that's why ROV designers are turning to Single-phase Liquid Immersion Cooling (SLIC) Technology. With SLIC technology, the hot electronics assemblies – whether batteries, a motor, a charging system or circuit boards are immersed in a small tank of a dielectric coolant fluid – in this case, SubmergeDeep. The heat is picked up by the coolant and moved to the body of the ROV.
In addition to providing pressure compensation and electronics cooling, SubmergeDeep has lubricity activity built into its base molecule, allowing its use in light hydraulic applications. SubmergeDeep has been proven to protect hydraulic cylinders and pumps.
This innovative liquid coolant is specially formulated for optimal cooling performance and protection of sensitive electronic components at depth. And it performs all these feats without any risk of damaging components that are normally sensitive to the additives in hydraulic fluids.
ROV designers can now explore new depths with confidence—knowing that SubmergeDeep provides unparalleled protection and increased performance against high pressure and high heat.
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