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Size Matters!

As with many things in life, size matters in a data center.
Liquid Immersion Cooling shrinks a data center to a fraction of the size of an air-cooled counterpart. Here's a picture of me, standing next to an 8 kW immersion-cooled data center. This data center is completely self-contained and sealed. It can easily be installed on a cell tower, at the bottom of the ocean, or buried at every street intersection in the US for real 5G edge connectivity.
Now, here's a picture of a 12 kW air-cooled data center. It takes up an entire building. (note that this isn't even the whole thing - this demo doesn't even include the huge air-to-air heat exchanger that sits on top of the building!)

Where are you going to bury that? Can you imagine one of these huge things at every street corner? 

Yes, folks, when considering 5G edge computing, the size of your Mobile Edge "data center" matters!